Innovative new technology in fibreglass pools

Graphene Nano-Tech is a revolutionary, patented process infusing graphene technology in every Aqua Technics pool. Over 4 years of research and development has been carried out to incorporate graphene into the composite layer of our pools, giving you a range of fibreglass pools designed and engineered like no other.

30% stronger

  • Graphene is over 200 times stronger than steel, giving you our strongest pool ever
  • Higher flexural and impact strength

30% lighter

  • Graphene is surprisingly light, giving our pools exceptional strength without added weight
  • Lighter for transport and crane lifts

Higher resistance

  • A Graphene Nano-Tech pool has a higher resistance to water and chemicals
  • Improved corrosion barrier

A new generation of swimming pools built like no other, exclusive to Aqua Technics

Built Stronger to Last Longer

Aqua Technics swimming pools are purpose built to withstand the test of time. Take a look beyond the surface and you’ll discover a level of quality that is distinctly Aqua Technics.

Each pool is manufactured using new generation, high tensile strength, eco-friendly fibreglass producing a pool that is now 20% stronger. Superior design features built into our pools provide additional structural strength. A reinforcing ribbing system supports the shell walls while struts under steps and bench seats ensure they remain level with the rest of the pool.

Why we only build pools with 8″ Edge Beams

The design of 8″ Edge Beam means the strength is engineered into the pool - your pool is built stronger to last longer.

Aqua Technics Pools - fibreglass swimming pools

Superior Pool ColourGuard® Pools

Only Aqua Technics Pools can offer you a patented surface protection system for fibreglass swimming pools that resists the effects of ultra violet rays and chemical attack. It’s like sunscreen for your swimming pool, protecting it from color loss and weathering. Incorporating a specialized dual coat system as part of the manufacturing process, two layers are merged to provide extraordinary surface protection.

With a brilliant, high gloss finish that lasts year after year, your swimming pool will maintain its beautiful appearance thanks to the innovative and unique Pool ColourGuard ® Pools. We dare you to compare.

Aqua Technics Pools - Largest range of innovative fiberglass pools built stronger to last longer | Fade-resistant pool colour and limited lifetime surface warranty| Over 44 years’ manufacturing experience | Highest grade fiberglass, award-winning swimming pools
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